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The year of giving back starts with a big Thank You!


2016 was, as my mother would say, the annus horribilis which is not a fancy name for an endoscopic rectal procedure (albeit fitting), it’s Latin for being a shite of a year!

Chris Barker's 2016 Sgt. Peppers tribute album cover.

Artwork by Chris Barker @christhebarker

It’s unfair to say the entire year was awful – a lot of good things happened to people too. I’m just saying, as averages go, 2016 was definitely that – average.

Global relations and safety were compromised by polarising political events, war atrocities & environmental sabotage. 

Artist Chris Barker’s moving tribute to the loss of so may great talents further depicted our collective grief as his Sgt. Peppers-inspired homage grew on a near-weekly basis.

So when the new year landed. Rather than dwell on 2016, Tim (aka G, my love, partner, best friend and father of our 4.5 year old) and I decided to take the plunge and make 2017 as positive a place around us as we could.

Giving back.

Without sounding defeatist – You can’t always change the big things in life but you can influence the immediate environment around you. Tim always says “Change your focus, change your reality”. So we did. We focused on giving back and cheesy as it sounds, this is how we are approaching everything now and life feels pretty good.

Change your focus, change your reality.

We both like people and like helping people. We genuinely care. It’s why we’ve been successful in each of our careers. It’s also how we found the time, budget and inspiration so I could pursue our most ambitious project to date – Design Counsel.

Saying thankyou.

The year of giving back starts with saying a big thank you to the amazing entrepreneurial women who continue to inspire me with their talent, commitment, support, wits and general awesomeness.

Thank you for being the lady bosses, mumpreneurs, women warriors, business moguls and leading ladies. Some of you are mums, some are not but all of us are creating something pretty special. We are creating equality, opportunity, jobs, dreams, fulfillment, a better future.

Thank you all.

Thank you for challenging the status quo. We are amazing and continue to be one of the fastest growing economic sectors globally – seriously – the figures are astonishing! Read more about The rise of Women Entrepreneurship.

In short, we’re nailing it and we rock!

So anyway, this is for you. I hope you like it.

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