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How to improve website performance with this FREE online editing tool – DIY SEO


This is the first post from our 1 a week series. Designed to encourage, and not overwhelm, this segment focuses on releasing 1 task a week people can action to improve their website, brand awareness & marketing reach.

DIY SEO – Improve user experience, search engine visibility, accessibility & site speed with this handy guide to optimizing images on your website using a FREE online image editor.

Optimising images on your website involves making sure they are:

  • Named properly and accessible.
  • Scaled for image SEO.
  • The right file size.

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual- Search Engine Journal

It might sound like a lot of work but consider this – 63% of users who make Google image searches and click on pictures ultimately visit the website where the picture originated.

Here’s another fun fact: 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual!

Along with the benefit of increased visits, optimising images will have a great impact on your site’s overall performance, search engine visibility and user experience.

That’s what I’m going to show you today.

A few things before we start.

Make sure your images:

  • Are of high quality.
  • Reflect the topic or emphasize the title or subject of your post/page.
  • Are your own (where possible) or you hold the correct license for any stock photos.

Note down image dimensions for your site’s sections. If you’re unsure – the easiest way to do this is to:

  • add a ruler tool to your browser extensions;
  • browse to a page on your site that has a similar image;
  • use the browser ruler to measure the width dimensions in pixels (px).

Here’s an example of chrome’s page ruler.

No photoshop? No problem!

Fotor is a FREE online image editor

Fotor – FREE online image editor

I’ll be using fotor.com a FREE online image editor for this tutorial. I’ll be resizing my images to 750px (width) x 500px (height).

1. Visit  fotor.com
2. Upload your image.

Select Open from the drop-down menu located at the top of the image (fig 1.0).


3. Scale your image

Go to the Basic Edit menu and open up the Resize section (fig 1.1)
NOTE: image size impacts the time it takes to load your site (load time) which affects both user experience and SEO.

4. Enter in the width and height dimensions (fig 1.1).

Click the padlock icon to preserve the perspective of the image.

Scale (resize) your image - Enter the dimensions in pixels (px)

fig 1.1

5. Save

Click on the save disc icon on the top bar above the image. (fig 1.2)

Save the image

fig 1.2

6. Name your image (fig 1.3) 

***This part is important. ***

The name of your image should:

  • be descriptive.
  • include the keyword.
  • be lower case with each word separated by a hyphen  “-“.
  • not include any “stop words” including a, the, of, for, to (search engines filter these out).
Add the image name, adjust the quality & save.

fig 1.3

Working example of a correct file name.

If your image is a palm tree silhouette at the Westin Nusa Dua, the filename should be: westin-nusa-dua-palm-tree-silhouette.jpg

The main keyword is Westin Nusa Dua which should appear at the beginning of the filename.

7. Adjust the image quality.

Fotor offers 3 settings: Normal, High & Highest. Check the quality of the image aiming to keep the image size below 110kb.

You’re now ready to upload the image to your website.

8. FINAL STEP – Alt & title text

When you upload your image to your website be sure to add ALT text and Title text. 

This step affects your SEO and is a standard requirement for accessibility. Make sure the title is meaningful and includes the keyword. This feature is used by screen readers for people who are vision impaired so imagine what description you’d provide for the image if you were describing is to someone who was blind.

In this instance, I’d call the image Beautiful palm tree silhouette at The Westin Nusa Dua.


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